Maintaining a full face of makeup that won't rub off is essential for a dancefloor-ready jam. However, it may seem difficult in this muggy weather. At the end of the day, when you add heat, many layers of products, and a mask, you might wind up with a sticky scenario. You need your painted or natural beat mug to last all day. However, the goods you use and your method may greatly affect how long the effects last.

Makeup artists, beauty experts, and makeup fans have been talking a lot lately about how important a good foundation is. It's no longer acceptable for a foundation to seem caked on the skin. In modern beauty, it's all about making your skin seem natural, even if you're wearing a ton of makeup.

Because of this, companies are always coming up with new ways to get a natural glow that lasts. In the past few years, foundation, primers, dewy setting sprays, and fixing sprays have all become more popular. However, many of us confuse the functions of makeup fixer spray and setting spray. Let’s find out the difference. 

What is a Makeup Fixer

A makeup fixer enhances and extends the wear of the makeup. Makeup fixers typically consist mostly of alcohol. A thin mist that protects makeup and makes it last all day. Makeup fixer sprays include an ingredient similar to a film-forming polymer, which coats the skin and helps the makeup stick better. Polymers and alcohol are excellent for keeping the makeup together. Still, alcohol may irritate or dry the skin, so it's better to avoid it if you have either of those conditions.

The last stage of any makeup application is to use a makeup fixer. A makeup fixer spray is essential for keeping your makeup in place during the rigors of summertime activities like working out, attending a sweaty event, or even just walking through the rain. Applying a makeup fixer is the more realistic option. This aids in the longevity of makeup on oily faces as well.

For varied skin types, there are several makeup fixers. Makeup fixer sprays with mattifying agents or chemicals that soak up shine are great for oily skin. If the spray is meant to be used on dry skin, it should have moisturizing and antioxidant-rich ingredients. Makeup fixers for various skin tones are also available. They sell cosmetics that make your skin seem more radiant. The effects of sweat, humidity, and heat on makeup last longer on them.

What is a Setting Spray

To seal in your makeup, spritz your face with a setting spray. Using this method, you may get a flawless, even complexion by blending your base, concealer, blush, bronzer, and powder. The makeup goes smoothly, and your skin looks healthier thanks to the hydrating ingredients, including water, glycerin, fruit extracts, and light oils. Glycerin locks in hydration, while water and mild oils offer a dewy appearance after a fast rinse.

Makeup may be set using a setting spray, which comes in both matte and shimmer varieties. Makeup setting sprays keep your makeup from fading and creasing and keep you from appearing cakey. It's great for touching up your makeup and removing any lingering powder. But it's no assurance that you'll live forever.

There are occasions when plain water may be used in place of a setting spray. Only a little water mist is required, although this technique may not be suitable for all kinds of base coats. You may use a setting spray with glycerin to nourish dry skin and one with rose water to reduce shine and oil production for an oily face.

Difference Between Makeup Fixer and Setting Spray


The makeup application process is incomplete without using a setting spray or makeup fixer to help the makeup stay on longer.

Essential Component

A makeup fixer is mostly alcohol, while a setting spray is made up of good things for your skin.


Makeup fixers are used to make makeup last longer and keep it safe from things like sweat and oil in the air. A setting spray, on the other hand, takes care of your foundation, concealer, and powder all at once, giving you a smooth, cake-free finish. As a result, these cosmetics won't dry out and separate.


Some of the healthy things it has are water, glycerin, a few light oils, and fruit extracts. Unlike makeup setting sprays, which just give your makeup a smooth, non-cakey appearance, makeup fixers help your makeup stay longer by shielding it from sweat and humidity. But it's no assurance that you'll live forever. This is the primary distinction between makeup fixers and setting spray.